110-WS-16 Novalynx.,USA

The Model 110-WS-16 Modular Weather Stations are computer-based meteorological systems designed as a "user friendly" solution for data storage and real-time monitoring of weather conditions. The standard package includes:

  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Precipitation
  • Data Logger
  • Tripod & Mast
  • Solar Radiation Shield for temp/humidity sensor
  • Cables & Mounts
  • Set-up Disk


Additional sensor options include solar radiation, water or soil temperature, auxiliary air temperature, rain gauge upgrade, wind sensor upgrade, evaporation, soil moisture, water level, gas detection, and others.

The unique modular system design provides simple menu selections for adding or replacing sensors. The 110-WS-16D Data Acquisition Module features nonvolatile memory, selectable averaging intervals, 12 bit analog conversion, 0.1% F.S. accuracy, two alarm outputs, and optional modem communications.

The WS-16 is supplied with a desktop data acquisition module with a memory capacity of 128KB RAM (approximately 45 days at 15 minute intervals with 6 sensors). The standard system includes a 120Vac power adaptor and RS232 serial port for connection to a personal computer. For outdoor or remote applications, two enclosure options are available. One is for sites with AC power and the other utilizes a solar panel. Both options include a NEMA-4X enclosure and rechargeable battery to allow continued operation in the event of power failure.