VantageProII Davis., USA


  • Flange 4” ANSI, with stub sloping 10° to 15° from horizontal into stack (options available on request)
  • Probe Length 1.2m from flange face (options available on request)
  • 316 stainless, (corrosion resistance option available on request)
  • Stack temperature ranges 0-300°C
  • 2m sample line length between sampling probe and analyser (options available on request)
  • Optional ball valve isolation between stack and analyser



  • 230VAC (standard), 3.2kW (115VAC option)
  • Interfaces: Modbus RS485, isolated 4-20mA, Ethernet (option)
  • Data logging: Simultaneous recording of pulse data (for arrestment plant cleaning diagnostics), short term data (for process control), and long term data (for external emissions reporting), with dedicated QAL3 channel for logging of Zero & Span check data for compliance monitoring
  • Icon driven, multilingual menus for intuitive user interface, advanced graphical display and QA screens)
  • 778 x 640 x 365 mm main enclosure, IP65, 120kg fully assembled