CMM Gasmet.,Finland

Gasmet™ CMM (Continuous Mercury Monitor) is designed for continuous & unattended monitoring of total mercury (Hg) in flue gas.

The Gasmet™ CMM utilizes Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence (CVAF) measurement technology which is specific to mercury. Hence there is virtually no interference from SO2 or HCl.  The sampling unit is also state-of-the-art with an integrated high temperature converter to effectively transform different mercury compounds to atomic mercury, with minimal risk for recombination. There´s also a  calibration unit for automatic calibrations both with atomic mercury and mercury chloride, and a sample probe designed especially for mercury sampling.

Gasmet™ CMM (Continuous Mercury Monitor) has three main components, all in-house delveloped:

  1. Gasmet™ CVAF (Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence) mercury analyzer, which has an integrated high temperature dry thermal converter for converting all mercury compounds to atomic mercury. This analyzer has a detection limit less than one ng/Nm3
  2. Gasmet™ Mercury Calibrator generates calibration gas for automatic zero – and span calibrations, with wide ranger for mercury concentration and gas delivery rate and for atomic mercury Hg0 or mercury chloride HgCl2.
  3. Gasmet™ Gasmet Mercury Sampling System includes heated sample gas lines and Gasmet sample dilution probe, heated probe tube and effective blowback system for the filter.

Key Advantages

  • Very low detection limit with CVAF technique
  • No need for separate chemicals, gold amalgamation concentrators, acid scrubbers, or additional gases
  • Virtually no interference from other gases such as SO2, HCl
  • Direct sampling with sample dilution and effective filter blowback system – simple probe design
  • Simple and reliable system with low need for maintenance