TM-185D Temp / Humid LED Monitor


- Complete environmental monitor and alarm
- Wall-Mounted LED type, easy reading
- Alarm set for Hi and Low limit-Temperature and Humidity
- Data Logging Capacity 30,000 records (TM-185D only)
- LED displays real time data
- USB interface (TM-185D only)


Temperature range: -4º to 140ºF (-20º to 60ºC)

Temp. accuracy: +/-1.8ºF / +/-1.0ºC (23º to 104ºF / -5.0º to 40.0ºC ) other 3.6ºF /+/-2.0ºC

Temp. resolution: 0.1ºF/0.1ºC

Temp. update rate: times/second

Temp. sensor type: Diode

Relative Humidity range: 5% to 95%

Relative Humidity accuracy: +/-2.0%RH (at 25ºC,35%RH to 80%RH). +/-2.5%RH (at 25ºC. 10% to 35%,80% to 90%) other +/- 5.0%RH (at 25ºC,90%RH)

Relative Humidity resolution: 1.0 RH

Relative Humidity response time: below 4 seconds

LED display: 8.4x4.73 inch (214mm x 120mm)

Power supply: AC to DC Adapter (9V/1A)

Battery backup: DC 9V battery enables continued recording without display reading during power disruption for an hour only.

Size: 260 x 178 x 47mm

Weight: 1000g