CX-4000 Gasmet.,Finland

Gasmet™ CX4000 is used in continuous emissions monitoring, process control and other applications where multiple gas compounds need to be monitored with great accuracy. Typical example is continuous emissions monitoring in waste incineration plants and cement kilns.

Gasmet™ CX4000 FTIR gas analysers are operated by an external industrial computer that operates Calcmet™ - software. Measurement results on stored on the computer and can be also transmitted through analog or digital outputs Sample cell heating (180 C) ensures even high water vapour concentrations or corrosive gases will not pose a problem. Gasmet™ CX4000 has both TÜV (17th BlmSchV) and MCERTS certificates. The analyzer is also compliant with U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 60 Appendix b Performance Specification 15.

Gasmet™ CX4000 is an integral part of the Gasmet™ Continuous Emissions Measurement System (CEMS).


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