CKHV810 Staplex.,USA

Staplex CKHV and CKHV810 Calibration Kits for Model Series High Volume Air Samplers          

  • Assures accurate sampling
  • US E.P.A prescribed method
  • Fast, affordable procedure
  • Portable and compact
  • Available for use with two sizes of filter holder assemblies
  • Carrying/Storage case included
  • Made in U.S.A.

The Staplex® Model CKHV and Model CKHV810 High Volume Calibration Kits are designed for use with  Staplex® Model TFIA, TFIA-2 and TFIA-4 High Volume Air Samplers and allied instruments. The Calibration Kit offers a fast and affordable calibration procedure that maximizes the accuracy of all air sampling results by calculating the true flow rate of a particular High Volume Air Sampler.

Model CKHV High Volume Calibration Kit is used with High Volume Air Samplers equipped with 4 inch(10.16 cm) diameter Filter Holder Assembly and includes a Calibration Orifice prescribed for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a water manometer, a series of resistance plates, and a carrying case. Model CKHV810 additionally includesan 8 inch by 10 inch (20.32 cm X 25.40 cm) Adapter for use in calibrating whenever 8" x 1 0" Filter HolderAssemblies are used on the Air Samplers. Model CKHV81 0 can also calibrate while such samplers are mounted in a Staplex® SAM Aluminum Outdoor Shelter or similar shelter. Special 8" X 10" Adapter is available separately as Part No. AD810Adapter and can convert Model CKHV to calibrate Samplers using8" X 10" Filter Holders. Similarly, removal of Adapter from Model CKHV810 allows calibration of Samplers using 4" diameter Filter Holders.