The VC431 is a triaxial vibrometer, in accordance with the regulation ISO 8041, and is the ideal instrument for vibration measurements in line with Directive 2002/44/EC on risks arising from the exposure of workers to mechanical vibration.

The VC431 can also evaluate the effect of vibration on the structure of buildings and the terrain (UNE 22-381-93 and DIN 4150-3).

The VC431 is a user-friendly instrument (visual structure of menus with icons), with a single range (no changes of scale) and simultaneous measurement and display of all parameters for each application.

With the CESVA Capture Studio software (included) the measurements carried out with the VC431 can be downloaded (USB) and the results analyzed quickly and simply.

Its reduced weight, versatility and user-friendliness make it the hand-held instrument par excellence for the assessment of risks related to vibration.

  • Vibrometer in line with ISO 8041
  • » Measures all parameters simultaneously for each application (HA, WB, Buildings and Structure)
  • » Single measurement scale, irrespective of the application (HA, WB, Buildings and Structure)
  • » Great storage capacity; saves the time history of the measurement
  • » Download port and powering by USB
  • » Projection of parameters; assessment of exposure to vibration for measurement times inferior to exposure time
  • » Software: CESVA Capture Studio and CESVA Studio Editor